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Blog posts July 2017

Questions for men on a first date

Ask the man about his hobbies, hobbies, lifestyle, work, dreams and desires. Let him show off his own achievements in any field. Ask what kind of vacation he prefers, where he rested, how he relaxes in his spare time and so on. Questions should be interesting and non-binding. Do not expect that on t…

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Selling Tips For Representatives

Selling tips for medical representatives. Here we have our top 4 recommendations.

1. Be an active listener! 
Passive listening alone is not sufficient for successful sales talks. Listen actively, for example, B. nodding approvingly with the head. Underline your interest by expressions such as "…

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Harms Of Carbonated Water


Side effects of carbonated water. Read it to make your health more better.


The term "mineral water" in humans is usually always associated with the word "useful". Very often people thoughtlessly buy a kind of water, with emphasis on flavor, bottle design, the degree of carbonation or …

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