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10 Ultimate Words To Use To Impress Your Girlfriend

So, what’s the best way to impress your date? Especially you girlfriend.. compliments…. Compliments… compliments and more compliments.

Welcome to today’s lesson and today’s lesson is about compliments that you can use to impress your date, especially your girlfriend. I have some really nice words, which you can use and make sure that your date fall for you and how?

Old compliments like pretty, beautiful have become old school and boring, I have some interesting and amazing words that you can use and actually earn a lot of points.

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So, the first one on my list is ‘Enticing’, now this word is particularly enticing which means attractive. So, Imagine you are going to pick up your date and you are at her door step and she comes out looking very very beautiful and you can actually say something like – “ Wow! You look enticing tonight”. She’s gonna feel so special, trust me there’s gonna be a smile on her face and she’s gonna really enjoy you compliment. So, make sure you remember this word – ‘Enticing’ which means particularly attractive. So, make sure your use this word the next time you see your loved one.


Well! Moving on after enticing, I have ‘Wondrous’ Hmm now what does ‘Wondrous’ really mean? What do you think ‘Wondrous mean? Well! ‘Wondrous’ actually is a form of the word wonderful, so ‘Wondrous’ means wonderful. It’s just that ‘Wondrous’ sounds more poetic, it sounds better, it sounds more exotic, so imagine if you tell your date – You know, when I look at your eyes, I get this wondrous feeling. Which means basically you think – she has wonderful eyes, but when you put it that way and say things like – firstly look deep into her eyes and say – You know when I look at your eyes, I get this wondrous feeling. She’s gonna think you are like poetic, sophisticated and so much more… I hope you are….but, she could think you are way more than you really are and that could really work for you. So, make sure you remember ‘Wondrous’ which actually means wonderful, it just sounds better, more exotic and definitely poetic.


Well! Moving on the next one on my list is ‘Stunning’, Now this is something you must have heard many many times, this word has been used everywhere… you know… magazines talk of stunning actresses, stunning dresses, stunning pair of shoes, stunning jewellery, so anything that can stun you…. As in…..imagine your date walks in and your reaction is like WOW!!!.. you know… that’s the time you can use the word ‘Stunning’. So, ‘Stunning’ means somebody that brings about a reaction of WOW!!! So, someone who is so beautiful, so attractive, that somebody who stuns you in that one particular instance and makes you go WOW!! I just love this. So, you could use the word stunning, if you are taking your date on a evening date… you know … it’s like the evening time, probably wearing evening wear and you could say something like –“ You look stunning” and you know what she’s gonna think? she’s gonna think, WOW!! All the effort I put in to get ready, to really really dress up, now that’s paid off for that one compliment, so make sure you actually remember ‘Stunning’ and use it well.


Now, moving on I have the next one on my list and this one is ‘Elegant’ I think this word just sounds really good, don’t you think? You look very elegant. Oh! My God, you’re so elegant. Wow! those are really elegant shoes. I love your bag, It’s so elegant. Just the sound of this word is so elegant, you know… and you know what it means? It means, graceful or ladylike. Now, this one is a huge compliment to any woman. So, Imagine a girl who is been called ladylike or graceful , so it sounds really really good to her ears and I’m sure she’s going to enjoy this compliment. So, make sure you really memorize this one, it’s simple and it’s elegant, the word for you ‘Elegant’ which means graceful and ladylike. Well that’s four words for you – Enticing which means attractive. Wondrous meaning wonderful. Stunning, one that makes you go WOW!!!. And Elegant which means graceful and ladylike.

Moving on I have four more interesting words, which will definitely win you some awesome points with your date especially your girlfriend.


So, the first one being 'Breath-taking', now has it ever happened to you especially on the first date, imagine you are going for a blind date, you see this lovely lady walking past and you think… Is she the one? No, she’s not the one. Then you see this slightly drab looking lady.. you know… coming towards you, and you are like … okay…. I hope she’s not the one and she passes you by and the third one comes in and she is beautiful, she’s gorgeous, and she comes up to you and says “ Hi, I’m the one for tonight” and you are like, Oh! My God- I just lucked out, could I get any luck here tonight and imagine for one instance your breath just goes in and you are like UHH, so you inhale, but you sort of forget to exhale because she’s so beautiful in front of your eyes, now that is called ‘Breath-taking’ – somebody you find very very beautiful. So, Imagine you’ve already gotten lucky for the night, you’ve a date with this beautiful woman and she has the most amazing smile. So, when she flashes her smile or maybe each time she flashes her smile, you feel like … Oh! My God my breath is stuck in my chest, she is so breath-taking, now that is the word you wanna use. You could say something like – You know what, every time you smile it’s just breath-taking and trust me even the strongest and the most confident of women will blush when you call them ‘Breath-taking’. So, this one’s definitely a star one and definitely make sure you remember this one – it’s called ‘Breath-taking’ I think it’s very romantic to use this word.


Well! Moving on there’s ‘Ravishing’. Now, ‘Ravishing’ means delightful. You know somebody who’s appearance , somebody who’s talks, somebody who’s mannerism and personality you find particularly delightful, you could tell that lady – You’re just a ravishing woman, aren’t you? and she’s gonna feel like she’s on the top of the world, she’s gonna feel like a princess, like a queen even. So make sure you use ‘Ravishing’ with great care, now this is one word you just don’t use on anyone. You save this one for that special someone. So, that’s breath-taking and ravishing for you.


Moving on there’s ‘Striking’, you know this one is particularly special, because this word can be used for a man and also a woman, you could use it on a co-worker or on your date, on a man or a woman and it will be just fine, it works both ways, and it is very interesting how you use the word ‘Striking’. So, you could walk up to a co-worker early morning especially a Monday morning when someone’s feeling really down and out, blue and lazy and say something like – You know what? You look particularly striking today, and that would work just fine. So, ‘Striking’ is a word that you can use to compliment somebody in a business setting or a personal setting and it would work both ways. So, ‘Striking’ actually means impressive. Someone who’s appearance or manner of talking is very very impressive or someone who’s dressed impressive could be called ‘Striking’. So, you could say something like – “ That young man there, in his early twenties… now he has a striking appearance” or … you know “ That wonderful blonde lady sitting there at that desk, she has such a striking appearance” or “ She has such striking features” and both would work just fine. So, ‘Striking’ is a word you need not reserve just for your loved one, you can go out and hand it over to anybody as a compliment and it will work just fine.


Now, moving on the last one on my list for today ‘Lovely’, now this one is being used in so many places, it’s been over used, under used, used for centuries and you know what it still sounds lovely. So, ‘Lovely’ means somebody who brings out the love in you. So although you can use it as a general compliment like between girlfriends it’s very normal to tell your girl friend, especially if you are a woman, you look lovely and that’s just fine, but if you are a man, you must reserve ‘Lovely’ for somebody who’s really captured your heart. So, you could actually speak to your fiancé or you spouse, your wife , your girlfriend and tell her something like “ Yes, my lovely”, “Whatever you want my lovely” and trust me that would be just like music to her ears. So, yes ‘Lovely’ means someone who brings out the love and affection within you and that’s the word that you use for your loved one, especially.

So, I am gonna go over the words one more time, there’s ‘Enticing’ which means attractive. ‘Wondrous’ meaning wonderful. ‘Stunning’ which means somebody who brings out the reaction like WOW! And of course ‘Elegant’ which means graceful or ladylike. ‘Breath-taking’ someone who’s so beautiful, that you probably find it difficult to breathe in their presence. And of course there’s ‘Ravishing’ somebody who you find absolutely delightful. ‘Striking’ which means impressive, now this one can be used on a man or a woman, a colleague, a co-worker or your loved one and it would work both ways. And of course there’s ‘Lovely’ someone who brings out a lot of love, care and affection from within you.

So, that’s my list of words that you can use to impress your date or girlfriend. Make sure you make a note of these and use these well, trust me you will appear like you really really know your art of romance. 

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