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Questions for men on a first date

Ask the man about his hobbies, hobbies, lifestyle, work, dreams and desires. Let him show off his own achievements in any field. Ask what kind of vacation he prefers, where he rested, how he relaxes in his spare time and so on. Questions should be interesting and non-binding. Do not expect that on the first date the guy will reveal his soul to you and tell you about some personal things. But you, in your turn, should not open up too much. The guy should want to invite you somewhere again to learn something else about you.

Note! It is not recommended to ask a man about his family if he does not talk about it himself, and even more so, about his past relationships.

This topic should be forbidden from both sides, so as not to cause negative and unnecessary jealousy. If a man is uncomfortable with some topic, try to get away from her during a conversation. Help a man avoid awkward pauses, but do not tararit all the time. A man should also speak out.

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The main rule of the first date - no excesses in anything whatsoever. Try not to worry and be natural, and everything will go as well as possible.


The first date is a very important moment in the relationship between a man and a woman. On how well everything will pass, the further relations of the couple also depend. Perhaps a good outcome of the meeting will lead to a violent romance or even a successful marriage. Or, on the contrary, you will understand that you are not destiny of each other and will disperse.

Women very often experience how to behave on the first date . Let's try to consider the main nuances, because of which experienced the representative of the fair sex.

To choose clothes, make-up and hairstyles need to approach very responsibly. But do not pay this aspect all the time. A man must see before him a well-groomed and neatly dressed girl, and not a painted doll with a varnished hairdo and a painted face.

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