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Selling Tips For Representatives

Selling tips for medical representatives. Here we have our top 4 recommendations.

1. Be an active listener! 
Passive listening alone is not sufficient for successful sales talks. Listen actively, for example, B. nodding approvingly with the head. Underline your interest by expressions such as "certain", "you are right", "I can understand you well", "we are completely agreed".

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2. Pay attention to your body language.
Check once, which habits or fools you have. Some of them can prevent the success of a sales talk. For example, For example, often with arms folded in front of your chest or far into your chair? Unconsciously, you can document your customer against distance or rejection, or even signalize that you value his opinion.

3. Identify with your product
You should be honest about your product and, of course, be familiar with its application. This is how you can speak from your own experience when you represent your customers the benefits of your product. It is much more convincing, for example, when you as a shoe salesman actually wear the models you offer and do not carry others.

4. Step up in pairs
Come along with your sales or marketing manager for your customer. The customer feels particularly valued by the fact that you take both time for him. If you are a couple, you have a further advantage: during the sales talk, you can play the "balls" and master difficult situations, for example when the points of view begin to harden.


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